Architecture; is the practice of adding something to the world. It is the creation of spaces for people’s complex functions rather than the basic instinct of shelter. At the same time, Architecture is a method of changing the way of thoughts. Its principle is questioning the reasons of thoughts, searching for answers for its self gained noticeability… It searches for opportunities, seeks potentials and pushing the limits…

Peninsula of Çesme is a very substantial area for Turkey due to its natural beauty and location. Working in such a delicate area gives a different kind of responsibility to the architect. The main aim is to design with the modern spirit of our day considering the area’s modest and peaceful environment which will eventually be a landmark for Çesme…

The Folkart Pasalimanı Project is located in a valuable area by the sea in Çesme Peninsula. The project has been designed through meticulous evaluations of various aspects such as climatic conditions and vegetation which has led project program to develop into the way it is at the moment.

The building is located strategically where it faces the south and bearing the cold northern wind on its back which is used as well as natural ventilation for cooling. Even though the geometry of the site was challenging, it was not an obstacle to create the right angles for the perfect views. Each one of the terraces is especially located in a way that has shading according to sun directions and at the same time is a green area to each occupant.  These green areas were created to give every unit a “floor garden” spirit…

The functions and transitivity of the interior and exterior spaces were the major criteria whilst designing the building. Terraces are designed as the continuations of the units. The inner garden is a serene and shadowy environment which adds a spectacular perspective to the access corridors of each unit. The social facility which is at the same level with the interior garden and the pool holds every possible social need. Simple and natural material choices enhance the architectural power of the building. The project’s height is lowered to a three floor height building which will have a modest silhouette and a harmonic relationship with the sea.

Folkart Paşalimanı project will carry Çeşme’s architectural perspective to a whole new level with its potentials.

Location: Avcılar, İstanbul

Date: 2009-2013

Photographer: GürkanAkay, AlicanAktürk