SBS is an Istanbul based shirt manufacturer who moved into an old sweet factory on the asian side of Istanbul. The building is two floors. The production is done on the upper floor and the design team, showrooms and meeting rooms are located on the 800m² ground floor.


We designed two showrooms with a remote conveyer system that locates the shirts directly to the meeting table. The main meeting table is a cocoon shaped platform which wraps around to create privacy where the shirts are presented and prices are discussed.

The designers work on ping pong tables that fold and slide on wheels. We also designed a storage unit in the designers section which works as a container for materials and accessories.


There is a espresso bar wrapped around a column in the main space, which also acts as a waiting area.

The reception extrudes out from a one step platform which welcomes the clients.

The spaces are divided, seperated and insulated by custom made remote pvc doors.

Location: Dudullu, İstanbul

Date: 2007

Photographer: Ali Bekman