SPK HQ; is an idea study developed in the Istanbul Financial Center. The expectation was a project that emulates history. Taking this argument as a conceptual starting point we transformed a model that not emulates the history with modern architecture’s instruments and approach models. Design references were basic geometric meshes and conceptual ideas.

An idea uses contemporary architecture and design approach models, artistic and historical references as a base. However doesn’t emulate, look alike or try to replace. The project generates completely its own language. It differs right after the starting point and explains itself.


The patterns used in the design generated from geometric shapes that starts from simple basic and reaches high complicity. In project, this duplicated with repetition and symmetry geometry decays with a parametric idea; becomes a pattern that is new, 3D and severed from the original context.


Spatial and structural setup has been obtained by emptying in three dimensions, replacements and degradations.

Concepts and Ideas


Continuity: The design is shaped in the same backbone between the starting and ending point. Geometric organization creates an uninterrupted base for spatial and structural setup however the final product defines itself independent of this geometry.


Gate: The project area is located at the east entrance of Istanbul and in a welcoming position. “The Gate” is a powerful concept for city entrances. The tear created by the gate is an inviting figure that disintegrates and lessens the mass. The project is developed on this “tear” concept. The cracked areas had been made helpful areas in spatial concept.


Outward detonation, dispersion, gathering : Unique, consistent and rhythmic pattern has been detonated in relation to centre-orbit. A design that pushes outward and attracts inward.. The main building is located in the centre and support units are in the orbit. The empty places between the centre and the orbit form transition and common use areas.

Location: Ataşehir, İstanbul

Date: 2009-2010