Durmuş Dilekci, the founder of Dilekci Architects, is included in the jury of the competition where the final presentations were held on February 19th, , in which people from different business groups suitable for the purpose of the competition were included. The main purpose of the competition is that students, who are equipped with a lot of theoretical knowledge, can apply this knowledge. Competitors will find opportunities to show their creativity in project development and investment. The aim is to learn to be a team in this competition where many students from different disciplines come together, and to reveal a structure that is in harmony with its environment from the design of the project to its construction and evaluation phase. Thanks to the online seminars to be given within the scope of the competition, the contestants will be guided by the juries and BÜYAP during the project preparation process, and they will be helped to cope with the difficulties they encounter. In addition, information will be provided to broaden the horizons of the students in the field of developing real estate sector, environmentally friendly and sustainable buildings. According to the main purpose of the competition, the jury members evaluated the competition teams.