Folkart Hills Project was published in the 83rd issue of RAF Product Magazine, an Arkitera product, published in February 2020. The project is included in the magazine with all its features and visuals.

Folkart Hills

In the east of the project area, Çeşme port and an old quarry are located, while the back of the port opens to Çeşme city center and marina.

In the design, where the perspective of the investor group is reflected and shaped by the demand of a project with strong symbolic effect; A project to be used for each unit was targeted. The project, which will be created from hotel units of different sizes, was asked to be handled together with the functions of lounge, sports and health.

The project consists of 40 rooms, 18 suites and 12 special units. Since the project is located in a region rich in basic resources, the thermal cure area associated with the indoor pool area was also added to the project.

At the starting point of the project, an approach model, in which landscape and architecture are intertwined and borders are ambiguous, has been adopted. This form of the three-crested structure, which does not define a direct direction and creates its own topography, melted in silhouette, also gave the project its name. The elliptical geometry of Folkart Hills, whose mass effect was broken apart with its three different volumes that fit at different levels, helped the structure to turn to the north. The elliptical surfaces, consisting of parabolic-hyperbolic forms, which give the project its architectural language, were produced with a computer-aided 2F2 (file to factory) system. Three-dimensional parapet surface movements were created by testing flexibility and elongation with the German STO company.

The presence of the harbor and large ships across the project area on a slope with a high slope in the east-west direction constituted an important handicap for the design. Alan needed an approach to uncover his potentials. Therefore, a design for the north and north west directions was developed compared to Çeşme Port, located in the east direction, just across the plot.

High plot slope and slope-cross section relationship was another carefully managed topic. The project area was sitting on the 25-meter part of the slope, which has a 42-meter elevation difference perpendicular to the sea. In addition to this, it was important to manage the mass density of the high construction area as a result of the construction conditions because a building design in which all units were facing the sea had a massive and heavy effect.

Surprise perspectives were created by changing the viewpoints of all units in the project. In the building, which has a dynamic planning setup in different elevations and different views, the open areas of the visitors are enriched with the inner courtyards where the main circulation areas are located. At the same time, the feeling of traveling on the boat with the gardens belonging to the units facing the sea was strengthened and the relationship of the users with the water element was strengthened.

The inner courtyards connect the outdoor garden areas with the restaurant, sports fields and the thermal health center. These inner courtyards, which include the northern winds of the region, play an important role in the air conditioning of the building. In addition, shadow areas created by large terrace-garden areas can be defined as passive climatic measures. In addition, rainwater collected from the inner courtyards with extensible roof is used in landscape irrigation and sea water is used in the cooling system.


Location:Çeşme, İzmir

Project Office: DİLEKCİ Mimarlık (DDA)

Design Team: Durmuş Dilekci

Architectural Project Team: Aslı Çalıkoğlu, Ceren Kocabıyık, Berkcan Çalışkan, Yigit Ergeçen, Ayber Gülfer, Levent Kücükkaya

Project Manager: Aslı Çalıkoglu

Employer: Folkart

Concept Design: DİLEKCİ Mimarlık (DDA)

Interior Project: DİLEKCİ Mimarlık (DDA)

Landscape Project: DS Mimarlık

Application Project: DİLEKCİ Mimarlık (DDA)

Facade Design: DİLEKCİ Mimarlık (DDA)

Static Project: Ülker Mühendislik

Mechanical Project: Deniz Proje

Electrical Project: Onmuş Mühendislik

Installation Project: Deniz Proje

Steel Project: Lamda Proje

Photo: Yerçekim, Orhan Kolukısa

Project Start Date: 2016

Project End Date: 2017

Construction End Date: 2018

Location Area: 13.955 m²

Total Construction Area: 23.767 m²


Other products, company information and service suppliers used in Folkart Hills

Drywall: Dalsan Corex

Fixed Furniture: Kanneci Mobilya

Parquet: Tarkett- Massive

Lighting: Barem & Batısan, Vetaş

Switch Socket: Panasonic

Weak Current Systems: Hefica Honeywell

Sanitaryware: Ideal Standart

Insulation Systems: BASF, Lamda Yalıtım, Saint-Gobain Weber, Yapınet

Air Conditioning Systems: VRV Daikin – Delta Air Contiditioning

Interior Doors and Modular Glass Partition Walls: Kanneci Furniture

Ceramic Floor Coverings: VitrA

Ceiling Systems: Dalsan

Exterior Joinery: Acar Metal, Linea Rossa

Composite Deck, Wood Deck: Karadeniz Kereste, Novawood

Exterior Window Glass: Şişecam

Fire Systems: Egefer

Parapet Surface Coating: STOVentec R System

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