Mi’Kora Homes project, Çeşme Boyalık Beach 60 meters from the sea, located on the inner side of the building islands. This project is an adjacent twin house model that was taken in a different approach to Mi’Costa Residences which was developed in the background of our project and based on its design language. The structures adopt an approach that reinforces the relationship of twin structures with each other, the fact of privacy and belonging obtained by shading terrace-balcony designs in such a way that they are located within their own building areas. It has a structure in which both shading areas are created and the use area of the building is defined by facade designs. The overall design approach is developed on the occupancy-gap form language achieved with minimal material use.

Photo: Özgür Arı

Location: İzmir, Çeşme

Year: 2014 – 2017