The project is located in Incek, Ankara . This project area in the İncek region is on a hill slope overlooking Gölbaşı Lake. The existing zoning codes lead investors to create high-rise buildings.

Tim Towers project consists of two blocks 36-storey buildings. The masses are located on the plot to use the effective sunbathing and shading direction and to minimize the effects of the wind.
To break the intense silhouette effect created by high-rise buildings, we pulled the mass back over 23 floors and smashed the structure.

Terrace areas covering all floors were created to create a security area. At the same time, these areas were used in places as green and terrace areas. In the large sections of the blocks, there are three different flat plans on each floor. There is only one flat on the floor in the narrowing areas.

Location: İncek, Ankara

Date: 2013-2018

Photographer: ÖzgürArı