Prestige Mall is where structure meets architecture, it is a place where the form communicates with its surroundings at human scale. The building shows preeminence on the integration of its form by its mass, interior effects and in many other ways


Most architects avoid the bareness of concrete and its usage in black, they present buildings overflowing with light, but we on the other hand, used the color black, the color which brutally and courageously grasps objects, and the bareness of concrete. Black represents the honor, prestige, fragility, the secrecy at night, the feeling of being lost and infinity while the rough concrete symbolizes the simplicity and stability of the building. The simplicity and stability of the materials establish a special place for the reflections.


The interior design creates strong impacts of simplicity. The black surfaces provide the interior with the feeling of depth and the mysterious feeling of being at many other places because of the reflections.

Prestige Mall is a building placed next to an open area near the recreated lake. It has such a precise configuration that it uses its own architecture to communicate with the open area and its surroundings. The frameworks motion which creates horizontal and vertical movements of the elevations continues through the structure and with its delicate transitions, decrease the perceptible size of the building. This continuity of movement supports the building with a dynamic look and keeps the attention outside of the building.

The reflection of the glass surfaces in this frame were taken as an important design criteria for the reduction of the building, perceptually.

Location: Bahçeşehir, İstanbul

Date: 2005-2007

Photographer: Chris Brown